Research Paper on Native American Gender Roles


Historically, the development of human society was accompanied by the changing views on the gender roles and the perception of the concept of gender by members of human community. In this regard, the development of views of Native Americans on gender and gender roles is particularly noteworthy because, in the course of time, it has evolved considerably and the role of the European colonization in the process of this evolution can hardly be underestimated. In fact, Native Americans had their own unique concept of gender and their views on gender roles often varied from those of Europeans, especially in relation to the Berdache phenomenon. At the same time, it would be a mistake to estimate that the views of Native Americans on the theory of gender, including gender roles and the definition of the concept of gender was totally different from those of Europeans. Continue reading “Research Paper on Native American Gender Roles”

Research Paper on Inflation and Government Spending

1. Introduction

Inflation is generally referred to as the increase of the general price level during the specific period of time. Definition of inflation is also used to relation to some particular set of services or goods and the rise of their prices. High rates of inflation are believed to be caused by high rates of the money supply. Inflation can be measured by means of consumer price indices, cost-of-living indices, producer price indices, commodity price indices, GDP deflator, capital goods price index, as well as regional and historical inflation can be measured.

There are three major types or theories of inflation- demand-pull inflation, cost-push inflation and built-in inflation. Cost-push inflation can be also called shock supply inflation, as it occurs because of drops in aggregate supply caused by increased prices for goods or services. For example, if there is a shortage of something in the market, then its price will increase and remain high unless the situation changes. Build-in inflation can be caused by adaptive expectations. Continue reading “Research Paper on Inflation and Government Spending”

Analytical Report on Human Trafficking

analytical report concerns the problem of human trafficking which currently is one of the most serious issues of the contemporary world and in the future, it may aggravate dramatically if no measures are undertaken. It is why, in such a situation, such states as the US has to solve this problem since to a significant extent they unwillingly stimulate human trafficking because they attract criminals involved in this ‘business’ due to its profitability. As a result, it is necessary to undertake preventive measures and improve the current situation to prevent sufferings of victims of human trafficking, which are defined in this research, and stop the harmful impact of human trafficking on the socio-economic life of the target countries.

Nowadays the problem of human trafficking is growing to be extremely important and affect practically all countries of the world. In fact, it is possible to estimate that human trafficking is gradually becoming a global problem. At the same time, this problem is extremely serious and needs an immediate solution. Otherwise, it will become the great dilemma for practically all states to solve. Continue reading “Analytical Report on Human Trafficking”

The Black Panthers Research Paper

Black Panthers
may be considered to be one of the first organizations of people in the USA who fight for the human rights and equality, regardless a strong oppression from dominant social groups representing white population of the country. It should be pointed out that their ideology was significantly different from traditional views of numerous nationalist groups existing in the US. In stark contrast, they put universal human values and ideas, based on principles of socialism and dialectical materialism, above all and aimed at the radical changes of the unjust and oppressive system that existed in the USA in the 1960s – 1970s when the organization had existed. Continue reading “The Black Panthers Research Paper”

Criminal Behavior Research Paper

The causes of criminal behavior have been studied by many psychologists and sociologies who tried to identify what pushes people to commit crimes. Some of the researchers claim that delinquent behavior can be explained by the set of following factors: income level, social environment, and cultural background. If the first two factors have much described and analyzed, the cultural context remains at the point of debate.

This research aims to find out whether the ethnic origin can predict the possible criminal behavior. The target population chosen for investigation is Asians with the particular emphasis being made on psychopathic juveniles.

lot has been written about the criminal behavior of African Americans, but not a lot of research has been done on Asians. The vast availability of research on Blacks can be explained – African Americans commit the majority of the juvenile crimes, and this tendency made sociologists think about the roots of such trend. Asians, similar to other minority as well as majority groups, commit crimes which can be explained in the same manner as the rest. The assumption is that crimes committed by Asians are different from the crimes committed by other ethnic groups. The question arises – whether the cultural background can impact the predisposition to delinquent behavior. In the course of this research paper, I will try to show that even though Asians commit somewhat different crimes, the delinquent behavior is the result of social interactions and environment they live in rather than cultural peculiarities. Continue reading “Criminal Behavior Research Paper”

Stem Cell Research Research Sample

The contemporary society has a range of problematic ethical issues to discuss. Problems like abortion, gun control, human cloning, animal rights, the death penalty, and others often turn on heated debates as the legislature will be influenced by public opinion and how the one or the other side effectively presents the issue. Of these problems, I would like to focus specifically on issues associated with stem-cell research, in particular on its therapeutic applications in which stem cells are used in the treatment of various health problems. I deliberately leave out reproductive cloning because it is associated with a different range of issues.

The best argument in favor of this therapeutic use is that stem cells obtained through research can rescue human lives and alleviate many problems that incapacitate people and make their lives intolerable. Stem cells can be applied to reproducing unhealthy tissues or organs that fail, causing disruptions in the body. As a result of new technologies, cancer patients could get a new chance as their affected organ could be replaced with a new one. The same is true for those who suffered a heart attack as the damaged part of their heart could be replaced with new tissues. Continue reading “Stem Cell Research Research Sample”

Printing Press Research Paper

printing press is one of the most important technological breakthroughs in the history of humankind. Its invention is described, in addition to the changes the press underwent throughout its history. The impact on the history of humankind is also analyzed.

The Origins of Printing
Although German silversmith Johann Gutenberg is usually credited with the invention of the printing press, the origins of printing are really in China. The first prints were manufactured in China c. 594 from a negative relief; this method involved “rubbing off impressions from a wood block spread along the caravan routes to the West” (Mercer, n.d.). The Chinese also invented paper that provided smooth surface convenient for printing.

From the Far East, printed products were imported in Europe by travelers that brought to the continent so-called “block books,” or pieces of wood with letters or imaged carved on to them (Kreis, 2004). However, this technique was flawed in many ways since it produced results that were not lasting or durable. The blocks did not withstand frequent printing, and by the time of Gutenberg’s invention, many European craftsmen began to experiment with new movable type design of printing that formed the basis for the new printing press. Continue reading “Printing Press Research Paper”

Reading Strategies Research Paper

Fluent reading can be defined as the ability to read aloud and with understanding and expression. Unfortunately, 45% of American students are defined as influent readers.

To improve reading skills following strategies can be implemented:

  • model fluent reading
  • repeated reading in class
  • phrased reading in class
  • enlisting tutors
  • reader’s theater in class

Model fluent reading
The strategy is based on the demonstration of the fluent reading. The teacher should read aloud with great expression demonstrating how fluent reading should sound. It is necessary to use works of different genres like poetry, fairy and folk tales, poetry and other genres that are characterized by abundant lyrical language. Continue reading “Reading Strategies Research Paper”

Israel-Palestine Conflict Research Paper

Israel-Palestine conflict is one of the hottest areas in international relations, surfacing in top world news almost every day. The two parties to the conflict, Israel, and Palestine, have not been able to resolve their controversy for years. In fact, the conflict shows no sign of abating and seems to escalate even further. This paper will consider the background of the Israel-Palestine conflict and try to evaluate it from a theoretical perspective.

The creation of the state of Israel occurred as a result of the Zionist movement that originated in the 1880s that led to intensive Jewish immigration to the places where Jews formerly lived (Pappe, 1999, p. 56). Although this movement gave grounds to the opposition of the Palestinian Arabs that feared marginalization, World War II, and the Holocaust sealed the fate of the locality, urging the adoption of the 1947 UN Partition Plan envisaging the creation of the Jewish state. Continue reading “Israel-Palestine Conflict Research Paper”

Critical Analysis Research Paper Sample

Within the conceptual framework of this research, we will critically analyze CICA guideline for auditors, called “The First Audit Engagement.” The adequacy of the instructions presented will be considered using the accounting principles; detailed analysis of various activities will be performed as well to assess the overall assurance achieved if the guidelines are followed. It is apparent that the guidelines present a set of valuable instructions that should not be underestimated when it comes to the risks associated with the first audit engagement.

For auditors, the first-time client tends to indicate increased engagement risk and the procedures to be undertaken when assessing the engagement risk need to be more rigorously applied because: Continue reading “Critical Analysis Research Paper Sample”